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SweetBean Yoga, a method of instuction based on the Kripalu yoga tradition.  I am so
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Yoga is For Everyone!

The Kripalu style of yoga is designed to
adapt to all body types, ages, fitness
levels and interests.  Through the
combination of physical yoga postures,
breathing exercises, and relaxation
techniques, a Kripalu practice promotes
the integration of body, mind and spirit.  
Along with strengthening the physical
body, students develop the skills and
abilities to take lessons learned on the
yoga mat (such as embracing self-
acceptance, acknowledging inner
wisdom, working at one’s edge, and
quieting the chatter of the mind) into
daily life off the mat.
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My classes are located throughout the
Charlotte area.  

Additional instruction includes:

Corporate Yoga
Private instruction
Lakshmi Voelker®
Chair Yoga

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